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Twister & Stormy

Twister as a kitten.

Twister was rescued by ShirleyBo during a storm. He was in danger of being washed down a drain. Luckily kind-hearted Shirley came to the rescue!!

Twister was taken to a local shelter. Shirley posted at Acme Pet's Cat's Window Bulletin Board about this whole ordeal. I read the posts at Acme and e-mailed Shirley. I also e-mailed Vicki at Second Chance Pet Adoptions. Shirley and Vicki made arrangements for Twister to go to one of Second Chance's foster homes.

Eventually, Shirley's mother(Grams) and father decided to adopt Twister. At the foster home, Twister became buddies with another of the foster kittens named Stormy. Stormy was also adopted with Twister.

Now Twister and Stormy have a happy home with Shirley's parents. Grams now has a computer and has joined the Cat's Window family.Happy Birthday, Grams!!!!

Full Story by Shirley Coming Soon!!!!




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