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Gabby's Story

***Update: Gabby developed a mass in her abdomen in late-2002 and died in January 2003.***

The small creature with white tipped furry ears, big frightened eyes and a tender pink nose was peeking out the window of the teal car. The sweet kitty was in the arms of an angel. This was our first contact with Gabby, the cat we adopted from Second Chance Pet Adoptions and Vicki, the wonderful woman who drove Gabby halfway across the country.

My boyfriend and I were trying to decide if we should find a companion for Grace, our Feline Leukemia positive cat. Grace's sister, Piggy, had recently died due to complications from FeLV and we could tell Grace was lonely. I had spoken with my veterinarian to see if he knew of any FeLV+ cats up for adoption. He didn't know of any so we put our search on hold.

After Piggy was diagnosed with FeLV I began to search the Internet for information about the disease and for general cat information. In my search I discovered two Bulletin Boards specifically for people to discuss cats. I began to visit the Bulletin Boards frequently and they were a great source of support for me when Piggy died. I continued visiting these Bulletin Boards after Piggy died and it was on one of these Boards that I discovered Gabby.

I read a post from Vicki about a FeLV+ cat who was available for adoption. Vicki wrote that she would be willing to drive Gabby anywhere to give her a good home. There was a link to the Second Chance web page and there I saw a picture of darling Gabby in a cage. Tears filled my eyes and eventually spilled down my cheeks as I read her story.

I e-mailed Vicki to see if Gabby had been adopted yet. Vicki replied to me saying that Gabby was still available. Vicki and I discussed Gabby by e-mail for several days. I expressed my interest in Gabby and told Vicki we lived in Missouri. She said if we were the right family for Gabby that she would drive her to us even though it was halfway across the country.

Then Vicki and I spoke by phone to discuss precious Gabby. She expressed how much she cared about Gabby and wanted her to have a happy, safe home. Vicki gave me the phone number of Dr. Levy, who was the vet for Second Chance, and I spoke with her about Gabby's health. Dr. Levy assured me that Gabby was in good health considering her disease.

After much contemplation and discussion with my boyfriend, I e-mailed Vicki and asked "When can you bring Gabby to us?" Vicki called me at work after she received that e-mail. She was crying tears of joy. Then we worked out the details of the journey.

My boyfriend and I felt like new parents as we went shopping for our new "baby." We bought toys, treats, another litter box, kitty condo, and of course film for the pictures of Gabby's arrival.

Gabby arrived "home" on April 26, 1997. I believe that Gabby was meant to become part of our family. After I saw her sweet picture and read her story, I felt her fuzzy paws grab hold of my heart.

Gabby has become the companion for Grace that we hoped for. They are buddies! They run through the house and play tag. Both of them love to play with the laser mouse. They frequently groom each other and sleep close together. Gabby likes to chase her tail and Grace will sit and watch her with a look of wonderment on her face.

Gabby loves to be kissed on top of her head. She gives kisses back too. If I hold my head down to kiss her she will rub her face on mine and purr up a storm! My boyfriend and I feel so lucky to have found such a loving cat.

Gabby has become so dear to us. I can't imagine not having her as part of our kitty family. I love Gabby so much that my heart could burst!

Gabby still has the white tipped ears and pink nose but the frightened look is gone from her eyes. Now her eyes are full of love and mischief. She is our sweet little North Carolina kitty.

Funky Feline

Gabby & Grace (left to right)

Gabby says "Please pet my belly! I'll love you forever if you do!!"

This pic didn't scan well. I need to scan it again and try to fix it.

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