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At Peace

Beautiful kitty, so sweet and pure. The purrfect friend, always the cure. Honest and loving, devoted and true. Ready to take all the pain from you.

Faithful friend, where are you now? Running and playing, freedom abounds. Companion of my soul, love of my heart. The day came too soon, when we had to part.

My throat is filled with sobs, my eyes filled with tears. Your earthly life has slipped away, confirming my fears. I hold tight to your memory as your soul makes the journey. The bitter agony of your loss continues to consume me.

Memories of you replenish my hope, you suggest to me how I can cope. "By taking another into your heart, you strengthen that of which I was a part" Thank you, sweet kitty, for the advice and your care. Now I know you are at peace, watching me from somewhere.

I originally wrote this to send to DebD after Charlie died and made a few changes and sent it to CatladyDi after Fluffy died. Know I know it is really how I felt when Piggy died.

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Piggy's baby picture. She looks so innocent!!

Close up of Piggy above the shower.

Piggy about a month or two before she crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. The spider was her favorite toy. When she got sick she wouldn't play with it anymore, she would just chew on it occasionally when we would get it out.

Poor Piggy got soooo skinny! I miss her!


I gasp for air and claw at the walls

Trying to make the pain stop as I continue to fall

Deeper into despair, no hope or belief

Will I ever again feel any relief

The world is so dark, I feel so cold

It is your warm, furry body I yearn to hold

My body, it aches, my mind is so numb

Nothing else matters, since your death has come

The sun does not shine on my tear streaked face

Sobs fill the air, sorrow and fury all that I taste

We will meet again, I know that in my heart

But the grief is so overwhelming I'm falling apart.

Written for CatladyDi after Fluffy died.

I remembered how I felt the first few days after Piggy died.