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Here's Grace!

Grace is enjoying a Christmas toy. She is getting a bit fat! :)

Grace relaxing on the back of a chair. This pic is from March 1997.

She looks dreamy eyed! I wonder what she was dreaming of...butterflies, mice, birds...who knows!

Piggy & Grace as kittens. They were SO cute!

Grace is one of the sweetest kitties I've ever known. She will greet guests and get a quick petting from them.

She comes running when whistled for and meows as if to say "you called?" Grace loves to sit in the bathtub and drink from the faucett. Her sister Piggy taught her that trick.

Grace loves her buddy, Gabby. They play together, sleep together and groom each other.

Grace is the "adult" and Gabby is the "child" of the pair.

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