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Welcome to Funky Feline's Cat's Lair!

February 2008: I rarely update this site anymore. If you'd like to keep in touch, please visit us on MySpace at

Grace, Gabby, Fang, Piglet, Tuffy, Green Cat and my Rainbow Bridge Angel, Piggy are the inhabitants of this cat's lair.

Piggy, My Angel

Rev. Diane was kind enough to enhance Piggy's pic for me. Thanks Diane!!!

Please visit Piggy's tribute page.

March 31, 1999 was the second anniversary of Piggy's death.

The picture above is of Grace (tortie, left) and Piggy (black, right). Piggy is my Rainbow Bridge Angel. She died on March 31, 1997 due to complications from Feline Leukemia. It broke my heart to watch Piggy's life slip away. :(

Grace is also FeLV+. She currently does not exhibit any symptoms of the disease. She is fat and sassy!

As of October 1999, Grace is still symptom free! Hooray!!

In the pic, Grace and Piggy are sitting above the shower in our old apartment. They would sit up there every morning while I took a shower.

Grace is peeking up over onto the loveseat at Gabby. This was taken within the first few days after we adopted Gabby in April '97. Grace is trying to be sneaky and check out Gabby, who was curled up asleep, without Gabby knowing she is being watched. It's one of my favorite pics of Grace. She looks so cute with her ears flattened out!

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